Toestie, dressed in scrubs, shivers in a hospital hallway.

If you're a medical professional, you know bacteria thrives in warmer temperatures and that's why hospitals, especially operating rooms, can be so chilly. You need warm wear that can keep you comfortable in cool temperatures--so you can focus on the task 

Keep your feet warm!

Toesty in front of a diagram that shows how lower temperatures kill bacteria.

Whether you're in the emerg or doing rounds, no one wants to be thinking about their feet but even with all the running around you do, your feet can get cold while in a chilly environment. With Heat Holders®, you don't have to suffer!

Heat Holders® has designed socks in our ULTRA LITE profile, comfortable for more formal shoes but 3X warmer than the average cotton sock. These thermal socks are made to keep feet warm while keeping you light on your toes for your whole shift.These ULTRA LITE socks will be sure to hold the warmth next to your feet while working indoors even if you're standing in the operating room for hours. 

Have you tried on our ULTRA LITE™ Base Layers yet?

For chilly indoor environments, we are happy to recommend our light and comfortable addition to every cold-resisting outfit! With matching pants and long-sleeve tops, these ULTRA LITE base layers retain heat next to your body, keeping you just warm enough when you're working, while being great for layering thanks to their flat seam construction. 

Available in both men and women sizes, the pants and tops are form-fitting with odor and moisture protection to keep you fresh and dry no matter what the day at the hospital, clinic, or lab entails. 

The elastic waistband allows for a secure yet comfortable wear while the fabric allows for multi-directional stretch so you have a full range of motion-- and can  keep up the pace while delivering lab results or delivering babies!

Toestie, wearing baselayers and a beanie, waves to a young patient who is leaving the hospital.

Keep your head warm!

Introducing the LITE™ Hat collection like our Dean Hat. These beanies will keep your head snug for hours thanks to its super soft brushed lining with an all-way stretch to supplement its relaxed fit. 

The Dean hat is designed to comfortably stretch over the curvatures of your head to maximize heat retention while keeping you dry and fresh thanks to the added moisture and odor wicking technology.

This hat will have colleagues intrigued by its practical performance yet sleek design that is the perfect fit for any hospital worker all year long, not only in the colder months. The Dean is also a good recommendation for patients dealing with circulation issues or cold-sensations for recovery or for use during hospital visits. 

Supporting those who support us!

At Heat Holders ® we have put our trusted healthcare professionals on the top of our minds when curating products that take care of our doctors and nurses while they take care of us! We hope you are able to find comfort and support with  our products as you take on important tasks involving our wellbeing.

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