Toestie the Dragon looks at a wintry landscape with his binoculars. An inset shows he has spotted deer.

Let’s talk about winter wildlife!

American wildlife knows what it takes to survive the winter and there are many things we can learn from watching these amazing creatures’. If you’re an avid walker or hiking enthusiast, we thought you might appreciate a list of the kinds of animals you can still see out and about in winter, giving you an amazing chance to observe how they weather the cold!

If you are out for a trek this winter, remember to dress warmly. Inspired by our furry friends, Heat Holders® has found the gear you need to enjoy the great outdoors no matter what mother nature has in store for us like base layers, hats, gloves, jackets, and (of course) the warmest thermal socks. 

Just like humans, our furry friends who snooze or hide out during winter start preparing for winter early and are long gone when it gets really cold. But if you’re vigilant you might see a few animals still out and about when it’s cold.

Northwestern Coniferous Forest:

Trekking through the Pacific Northwest's coniferous forests in winter is like stepping into a magical realm. You might catch a glimpse of majestic elk or the elusive black-tailed deer, while the hibernating black bears dream away the cold months. Look up! You could spot a bald eagle soaring majestically overhead or hear the hoot of an owl echoing through the trees. And don't forget to check out the busy woodpeckers, tapping away in search of a snack. It's a forest bustling with life, even in the chill of winter.

Temperate Deciduous Forest:

A winter hike in the Eastern U.S.'s deciduous forests is like wandering through a living storybook. You might cross paths with a curious white-tailed deer or a sneaky raccoon. Red foxes add a splash of color against the snowy backdrop. The forests are alive with the songs of cardinals and blue jays, while squirrels scamper around, adding a playful energy to the serene landscape. It's a delightful mix of furry and feathered friends, each adding their own charm to the winter woods.

Toestie the Dragon pulls on Heat Holders® thermal socks while at the same time looking at a book about wildlife.

Grasslands (Prairies):

Imagine striding across the vast, open grasslands of Central U.S. in winter, where the horizon seems endless. You might spot the mighty bison, looking majestic against the stark landscape, or a swift pronghorn sprinting in the distance. Listen for the howl of a coyote or the cheerful melody of a meadowlark. It's a place where the winter chill brings a unique beauty, and the animals add to the grandeur of the sprawling prairies.


A winter hike in the deserts of the Southwest U.S. is full of surprises. The cooler temperatures make it a perfect time to discover the desert's livelier side. You could encounter the speedy jackrabbit or witness the quirky antics of a roadrunner. Coyotes roam the landscape, adding a touch of wildness, while various reptiles and insects bask in the milder winter sun. It's an enchanting desert adventure, where each creature adds a bit of magic to the journey.

Mediterranean (Chaparral):

Strolling through Coastal California's chaparral in winter is like exploring a hidden paradise. You might come across the graceful mule deer or hear the howl of a coyote echoing in the distance. The air is filled with the songs of various birds, each adding a note of joy to your hike. With its mild winters, this region is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offering a serene yet lively experience amidst nature's wonders.

Arctic and Alpine (Tundra):

On a brisk hike through Alaska's tundra or the high mountain areas, you might just spot the winter's coolest residents. Imagine encountering a majestic polar bear or a playful Arctic fox darting through the snow. Keep an eye out for the fluffy snowshoe hares, camouflaged against the white landscape. You might hear the unique calls of ptarmigans or witness the impressive sight of a herd of caribou trekking across the frosty expanse. It's a winter wonderland where the animals are as fascinating as the scenery!

Toestie the Dragon now out on a winter walk, rugged up in warm clothes, consults his wildlife book. In the distance amongst the trees, we see a family of deer.

A world to discover!

At HeatHolders®, we believe that the world is waiting for you to discover it! We want to get you out there even in the coldest parts of winter. If you’re already a winter hiker, let us know in the comments what amazing winter animals you’ve seen. If you have any pictures, we would love to see them! 

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