8 Ways to Stay Cozy at the Cottage

It’s cottage season at Heat Holders®!

As the year comes to a close, it’s best to spend your time all cozy and snug, surrounded by those you love. 

1. Stay warm while looking cool in Lounge wear. 

Lounging around at the cottage never felt better, especially in our beloved plush lounge hants and Henrik hoody. Ideal for all-day comfort, this superbly warm lounging combo will keep the chill out while remaining practical. The lounge pants host an adjustable drawstring waistband and are lined with side pockets to snugly fit a phone or notebook! 

The Henrik Hoody hosts all-day wearability and comfort too. Designed with a pouch pocket for convenience and to keep hands toasty. This lounge combo is perfect to step out in for last minute holiday errands like picking up extra pumpkin pie or a special visitor from the airport.

2. Stay warm by packing with practicality. 

Will you be traveling during the holidays?

If so, the Men’s Parkway Puffer Jacket will be your go-to jacket for traveling. 

Our water and wind resistant puffer will keep you warm during a variety of activities out and around the cottage, from hanging up the holiday decor, greeting guests out on the driveway, or getting the campfire set up outdoors. Lined with HeatWeaver lining, and designed with convertible sleeve cuffs to allow for adjustment of sleeve length, this puffer is easy to roll up without bulk to fit in carry-on suitcases and/or overnight bags. 

3. Stay smart by protecting your head.

Keeping warm starts from the top down. Keeping your head warm is essential when facing winter conditions. Even indoors at the cottage, try out an Ian Snowsports Block Stripe Hat to protect your noggin. Made with our luxurious high performance thermal yarn, these rib knitted hats with pom-poms will keep your head top comfortably snug for your journey out to the cottage or while reading a favorite novel by the fireplace indoors. 

Another hat option is our Hudson Fine Rib Hat. A classic design made with our high performance thermal yarn and super soft HeatWeaver lining to complete the look.

4. Give a helping hand with Flat Knit Gloves.

Available in a variety of colors, these thermal-lined gloves will be the helping hand you need this holiday season. Whether outdoors loading the car for a trip, gripping the chilly steering wheel, or running out to fill the car with gas, having a pair of Heat Holders® Gloves will surely come in hand. With ribbed cuffs to keep the warmth in and seal the cold out, these gloves are sure to retain heat close to you through your entire journey.

5. Make time for extra snuggles.

While at the cottage, make sure to add snuggles to the top of your to-do list! Our Super Plush Blanket is made with our luxurious Super Plush thermal fleece. With a generous 90” X 90” size, the cozy feels will cover all loved ones, including kids or pets!

Available in a variety of colors to match your bedroom or living room decor, get ready to relax and recharge in a Super Plush; the perfect addition to any cottage atmosphere. 

6. Heat up by the fireplace.

Whether indoors or out, have the gear handy to make the most of the cottage days. Nothing feels better than being warmed by the fire and surrounded by the people you cherish most. Make time to spend evenings watching the flames flicker while roasting marshmallows and making smores with the young ones or caroling your favorite tunes. Ensure the fire is dealt with safely, and enjoy the ambiance for hours. 

7. Toasty drinks to keep warm.

Did you know drinking a fresh ginger and cinnamon tea can quickly provide warmth to the body? Not only does it taste delicious, but ginger is known to improve immunity, digestion, and circulation to keep you feeling optimal and avoid illness while traveling.

Or if you’re feeling more festive, why not enjoy a warm mug of cocoa topped with mini marshmallows or try sipping hot egg nog by the fire too! Holding a toasty mug in your hands will be sure to keep your hands warm, while the beverage heats your insides too. 

8. Steamy baths and showers.

After an evening at the cottage, why not lose some steam in a heated shower or bath. Add extra rejuvenation by running a bath full of epsom salts or using a lavender bath bomb to keep the body calm, relaxed and ready to take on the new year.

Wrap up in a luxurious Spa Robe afterwards to retain heat right before bedtime too! 

Enjoy the days at the cottage!

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