Stay Stylish This Winter Season with Heat Holders

Don’t choose warmth over style this winter season! With a little thought and great protective gear, adding warmth to your signature style is easy and fun this winter.

From layers, to scarves, undercoats, hats, and mittens, any outfit can not only keep you warm but truly be trendsetting too by adding stylish colors, textures, cuts, and/or patterns.

Base Layers

Keeping warmth close to the skin for the first layer of your outfit is key. Fortunately Heat Holders® offers Base Layer Tops and Bottoms that are seamless to the skin and are designed with odor and sweat protective technology to keep you dry both indoors and outdoors. Stylists recommend wearing three layers of protection with your winter outfits, so starting with a Heat Holders® thin yet powerful Base Layer first will prepare you (and your winning outfits) for any day or night out on the town!

Second Layers and Undercoats

Now for the second layer! Adding the next insulating clothing article like a thick fleece turtleneck or our Jax Long Sleeve Shirt Jacket on top of the Base Layer will keep you warm while sporting a more fashionable find. Remember, this second layer is more noticeable than the underlayer, so it is important to consider what you will be showing off. Other great staple second layer items can include warm wool cardigans, form-fitting long sleeves, or a thick sweater paired with a statement belt to balance the look.

Shopping for Heat Holders winter essentials

Top Layers and Overcoats

As the winter weather temperature creeps down, it is important to consider an investment in a statement overcoat. As this top-layer will normally be the first thing people notice about your outfit, and a product that you will most-likely wear almost every day, it is a good idea to find a coat that makes you feel good (and warm!). Try a puffy down jacket or a classy wool coat for extra-long protection and to add-in a stylish staple. Ensuring your top layer is waterproof may be the best option too, if you experience many snow days where you live. Or consider adding a protective weather-proof spray to your raincoats or jackets before the snowfall starts to avoid any winter water damage from damaging your look.

Scarves and Hats

To add final flair on top of your now snug (yet comfortable) outfits, try tossing on a bold colored scarf and/or a matching hat to make a statement! With our wide variety of Heat Holders® styles of scarves and hats, there is a solid or pattern style perfect for your favorite winter outfit creations. Treat your scarves and hats like accessories and have fun exploring what their unique looks will add to your winter outfits. Other fun winter accessory styles to try include chic circle scarves, textured neck warmers, or head warmers to add a pop of pattern around your hairline.

Socks and Stockings

Dismissing the protection of your feet in favor of fashion will not be necessary this season! Make sure you feel your best from head-to-toe this winter with our Heat Holders® socks available in our thickest profile for the coldest of days and lighter profiles for winter days indoors by the fireplace. If wearing loose, long skirts this winter to an evening soiree or work event, try partnering a thick pair of our ORIGINAL™ socks above a pair of our heat holding Thermal Tights (made of advanced insulating yarn) to wear underneath skirts. Remember, keeping warm and keeping in-fashion always go hand-in-hand for savvy winter fashionistas!

Look great this winter with Heat Holders thermal socks and accessories

Mittens and Gloves

Keep warmth handy this season with a pair of heat holding Mittens or Gloves. To preserve all your extremities, it is important to wear protective mittens or gloves throughout the winter season. At Heat Holders®, our classic collection includes silky and soft mittens, and luxuriously long gloves designed to keep warmth close to your fingertips. As mentioned, treating your choice of mittens and gloves as accessories is also a fun way to keep in-style this season. Opting for a bold pop of color to your hands or a cable-knit texture will be sure to wave away your personal sense of style while you stay comfortable.

Tread Smart Shoes

As temperatures reach freezing levels and snow continues to fall, it is important to stay on-track. The best way to do so? Invest in a smart (yet stylish) pair of sturdy boots to last all-winter long. Adding weather-proof winter spray before the season starts to your protective pair of boots or shoes is a great way to prevent any water from entering into them. Look out for tall boots (perfectly pairable with Heat Holders® high socks) for extra protection for your legs, or slip on a pair of our trusted ORIGINAL™ socks that will be the best fit for hardworking winter boots, or ski and snowboard boots too!

Whatever your winter plans include this season, remember that style does not have to be jeopardized for warmth. Feeling fashionable (yet warm) this winter will be fun with trendy winter finds and accessory collections that will be sure to show-off your stylish self.

Enjoy your winter wardrobe creations everyone!

Stay warm!


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