Heat Holders staying active through the winter

Keeping active throughout the year is totally possible and fun!

How do you like to keep active in the winter?

Even with lower temperatures outside and bustling winds, keeping active during the winter can be super beneficial to your health. Whether your daily activity includes online workout classes, safe visits to a gym, or outdoor hockey, keeping your body moving this season is a great idea to promote healthy habits and keep strong mentally and physically throughout the year.

Remember that physical activity can be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels and can always be accommodated or modified to best suit your body’s personal needs and goals. Enjoy adding movement to your daily routine by considering these winter-proof ideas below:

At-Home Workout Ideas

If lockdowns, or harsh weather conditions have you stuck inside more often than not this season, make your time inside count with physical activity - no gym membership required!

By using simple at-home routines and equipment (even home furniture!) switching up your daily activity can be exciting and positively challenging. Some great at-home equipment and exercise ideas include:

  • Weights (to effectively grow your muscles with a weight that fits your strength level).
  • Resistance Bands (to use for legs and/or back strengthening exercises while standing).
  • Chair-dips (simple chair-dips will train your muscles while using your own body weight).
  • Jumping Rope (with a jumping rope, try skipping to lift your heart rate and add cardio).
  • Push-ups and Burpees (off the couch or on a matt to tighten arm muscles)
  • Squats and Squat Jumps (to activate glute muscles and improve stability in lower body).
  • Planks and Ab-Exercises (to strengthen core muscles and promote core balance).
  • Dancing (to add some sweaty fun while listening to your favorite tunes).
  • Active Indoor Housework (vacuuming, sweeping, mopping etc. to burn off extra calories).
  • Outdoor Housework (shoveling snow or salting the ice to keep you active while outside).
  • Stair Climbs (using your house or apartment stairs, strengthen your legs with each flight).
Online winter workout ideas from Heat Holders

    Online Workout Ideas

    Unfortunately, while reading this, where you live may still be experiencing a lockdown. In order to keep your community safe, consider trying online workouts through paid gym memberships with registered teachers or free and easy-to-find YouTube videos! Searching through YouTube videos online may be a great way to try a new active hobby such as dancing or martial arts.

    Some other great ideas for online workouts include:

    • Salsa Dance Lessons.
    • Pilates.
    • Vinyasa Yoga.
    • Tae Kwon Do.
    • Stationary Cycling Machine Workouts.
    • Unique Treadmill Exercises.

    Outdoor Workout Ideas

    If spending time doing physical activity outdoors this season is more your vibe, make sure to layer up, stay warm, and stay safe! For the optimal outdoor experience ensure you have:

    • Base Layer Tops & Bottoms (to stay warm while out on a longer run or brisk walk).
    • Supportive and Waterproof Shoes (to avoid slipping on ice and help keep feet dry).
    • Extra Warm Socks (like our ORIGINAL™ Socks to provide exceptional warmth and comfort).
    • Hats and Hoods (to keep the top of your head snug and protected through snow or rain).
    • Gloves (so extremities avoid frostbite to keep you lasting outdoors for longer periods).
    • Neck Warmers (to provide protection and cover up all areas of your body).
    • Hand and Feet Warmers (to add warmth to pockets or inside shoes when out for long).
    Heat Holders know that exercising can be hard work!

    Safety First!

    While outdoors this season, remember to always look out for the warning signs of hypothermia.

    Hypothermia is when body temperature falls below 35 degrees Celsius/95 degrees Fahrenheit. At this low temperature, the body cannot produce enough energy to keep the internal body temperature warm and can result in serious side-effects, including death. Symptoms of hypothermia can be more common in the elderly and children and even more dangerous for them.

    Know the signs!

    Signs and symptoms of hypothermia can include:

    • Lack of coordination.
    • Mental confusion.
    • Slowed reaction times.
    • Slurred speech.
    • Cold hands and feet.
    • Shivers.
    • Tiredness.

    Although outdoor workouts are a great way to keep fit and add vitamin D (from sun-exposure) to your day, make sure you do so safely to reap the benefits of fitness while avoiding injuries.

    Additional Winter Workout Ideas

    If your workout plans can safely include going to a gym or studio this season, there are always ways to enjoy being active with friends, family, co-workers and other gym-rats! Have fun experimenting with these ideas below to get adrenaline flowing and your endorphins running:

    • A hot yoga class (to meditate and exercise in a heated room instead of the cold outside).
    • A dance class (to meet new people and listen to great music).
    • A martial arts session (to let out any tension and feel empowered afterwards).
    • A spin class (to try out cycling in an indoor setting, while snow falls outdoors).
    • A brisk walk (to bring family together and enjoy some bonding/conversation time outside).
    • A neighborhood run (to explore your community and find new local trails and sights).

    Wherever your plans for physical activity lead you this season, make sure you are prepared to safely optimize your physical performance and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

    Enjoy being active everyone!



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