The Senior’s Guide to Staying Warm in Winter

Even if it's very cold out, seniors deserve to enjoy the winter weather in comfort! Whether it’s going out for a walk with your friends, heading out to the ice fishing hut in the chilly morning, or throwing snowballs with your grandkids, you'll have more fun if you're comfortable in warm clothes.

Never worry about missing a thing with your family and friends with these winter wardrobe essentials for seniors.

What you need to know about thermal wear

Warm clothes for winter, such as Heat Holders® thermal socks, accessories, and apparel, make you warm and cozy whether you’re inside relaxing or out having fun. Heat Holders® products are manufactured to trap warm air next to your skin so you feel ‘Toestie’ from head to toe for hours even in very cold weather!

Our socks and accessories are made using advanced thermal yarns for both warmth and softness ensuring that sensitive skin is super comfortable.

Layering Strategies

Effective layering helps regulate your body temperature during cold weather. Start with a snug-fitting women's or men's thermal baselayer that keeps you cuddly warm. Over this, add an insulating women's or men's midlayer like an ORIGINAL™ Zip Jacket. Finish with your favorite wind and waterproof winter coat.

Layering is a smart strategy for staying comfortable. If you find that you’re too hot, you can remove layers as you need, ensuring comfort and warmth in various winter conditions.

Footwear: The Foundation of Warmth

Keeping your feet warm means choosing the perfect socks and this is especially true for seniors who might be struggling with circulation or other issues that leave them with continually cold feet. Heat Holders® offers thermal socks in 3 Levels of Warmth to help you handle differing temperatures, conditions, and be comfortable in the shoes or boots you're planning to wear. 

If you’re going out for a long walk, ORIGINAL™ socks are 7X warmer than the basic cotton sock, offering the highest level of warmth and they’re perfect for relaxed shoes or boots. If you’re stepping out for dinner with your friends and planning on wearing dress shoes,  ULTRA LITE™ socks are still 3X warmer than an average cotton sock but thinner and more comfortable in tighter shoes. 

Choosing the Right Accessories

Accessorizing with the right items will make a big difference, especially on a long outing. Remember that a lot of heat is lost off the top of the head, so a great hat is important. And who wants to throw snowballs if their hands are freezing! 

Heat Holders® accessories, including hats, gloves, and neck warmers, are made with our signature HeatWeaver™ lining–a luxuriously soft plush lining that keeps warm air next to your skin so your head, ears, hands, and neck feel warmer for longer. Choose a roll up hat or a style like the Women’s Lowther hat, to make sure your ears stay nice and warm.

Relaxing Indoor Wear for Seniors

a granny sits looking out the window while a cat sleeps happily

When you’re indoors, you still want to stay cozy even if you’re keeping your thermostat low to save money. Heat Holders® At Home collection of blankets, slipper socks, slippers, and loungewear will keep you cozy indoors despite the winter chill--whether you’re reading, watching TV, or doing today’s Wordle.

Our slipper socks are also great for seniors because they come equipped with grippers on the sole to help with traction on indoor wood and tiled surfaces and they’re so warm, you’ll want to sleep in them!

Our loungewear is super soft and warm allowing you to relax in comfort. If you're still a little chilly, Heat Holders® blankets and throws are made of HeatWeaver lining which means they're super warm without the bulk - so you can relax in bliss!

Practical Dressing Tips for Seniors

Clothes should be easy to put on and remove. Look for garments that are comfortable and soft, yet warm. Heat Holders® socks are non-binding. They are very comfortable and stay up without causing constriction rings on your legs. Heat Holders® base layers just pull on with no fasteners and Heat Holders® Scuff slippers slide on easily.

Additionally, selecting thermal wear with zippers or velcro like our ORIGINAL™ Zip Vest or Jacket makes the warmth easy to wear for seniors struggling with range of motion. 

Heat Holders® - perfect for Seniors!

For seniors, especially those with circulation issues or arthritis, keeping warm in winter is more than comfortable because getting outside despite the cold can contribute to better health and well-being. By choosing the right thermal wear and layering appropriately, seniors can enjoy the colder months in warmth, softness, and comfort!

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Sandra Miners

Sandra Miners

So many of us seniors would love to buy your products but can’t afford them. Especially being on Social Security and Food Stamps also living in low income Housing. A program for us would be nice!
Heat Holders® replied:
Hi Sandra! We really appreciate your comment. Thank you. We have passed this idea along to our team and we are looking into what we can do for our Seniors. Thanks, again.

The #MakingLifeWarmer Team

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