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Back to school is less than a month away!

It looks like we are heading back to the classroom this fall, which means it is the perfect time to get prepared for the upcoming semester. Whether you are studying science, fashion, or taking a semester traveling abroad, planning ahead this year will help you achieve academic success!

From dorm room decor ideas, to useful study tips, we’ve created a list of creative ways to get you set up and ready to take on the world this semester.

Visit Your Dorm Room In Advance

Surprises are great, but not for everything! If possible, plan a visit in advance with your school to get a glimpse of what your new 'home-away-from-home' will look like. Taking along a measuring tape to keep track of the dimensions and a camera to snap pictures will help you later decide which items will be essential for your new rooming area. Perhaps you won’t need to bring in a desk from home and can save some extra space for your beloved drum kit instead!

Do you play any instruments?

If possible, reach out to your new roommate in advance too, to determine if you can share common items in your room, such as a coffee machine or microwave. Some other dorm room essentials include stylish and functional storage bins, speakers for fun movie nights, and cool and convenient extension cords - there can never be enough electrical outlets in one room!

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Explore The Neighborhood

If your new dorm room is located on campus, the choices for restaurants and grocery stores nearby may be limited. However, if your new campus is stationed in the middle of a city such as New York or Toronto, exploring the surrounding areas of your new school can help give you an idea of places you can visit frequently. This may include student budget-friendly grocery stores or local farmers markets where you can be sure to find a decent bargain on various goods.

In addition to local grocers, there also may be many restaurants and shops around that are used to having students as their main customers. Be sure to inquire if these stores offer student discounts to keep you saving money all semester long. While your shopping basket will be thanking you, look out for deals for tickets or entrance to different venues and event centers. These deals can extend greatly to art museums, theaters, galleries, concerts, libraries and other popular tourist attractions in the city.

In addition to stores and venues, there are also many online services such as music providers and streaming servers that offer deals on subscriptions with an eligible student card number. Taking advantage of these student bargains will be sure to make your wallet smile.

What are you most looking forward to about campus?

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Meeting New Roommates

Planning ahead is the best way to lead to success. If you will be rooming with someone you have never met before, taking the time to introduce yourself to each other will be important to creating a respectful, safe, and fun learning and living environment for everyone involved. Finding interests that you have in common with roommates can lead to an awesome dorming experience. Perhaps you like the same musician or share a favorite hidden coffee spot?

Whatever it may be, finding common links between you and your roommate can create a lasting friendship to keep you motivated, focused and cared for throughout the entire school year.

Study Tips For The Freshman

Staying on-track in a new academic environment can be an overwhelming experience for freshmen. However, that does not need to be the case for you! Understanding that settling into a new home and having to adopt new skills can be a challenge for most, so make sure to take care of your well-being first. This can include sticking to routine sleeping hours, filling and following an organized schedule with classes, study and break times, fueling your body with brain-healthy foods, allotting time to socialize and exercise to let off any excess steam or stress.

Of course, when it comes to studying, figuring out a strategy towards your own personal success will be worth the research. This may include determining what hours of the day you enjoy studying best, such as first thing in the morning or after a class with a group of classmates. Also, do you enjoy studying outside in the sunshine or alone in your room? Are you the kind of student who likes to listen to music while studying or would you prefer the silence?

Whatever you decide works optimally in your favor, ensuring you are able to stay disciplined while taking care of yourself (mentally and physically) will be sure to lead to academic success. Don’t forget, using these practical tips can help you transition into success in future careers too!

Happy studying!



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