Top Ways To Use Our Best Blankets

The official Heat Holders® Oversized Blanket.

A perfectly cozy oversized throw for both the home and beyond!

All of our beloved blankets excel at retaining heat with our luxuriously soft fur-like fleece that we call HeatWeaver®. With an official TOG rating of 1.7, these oversized throws are measurably warmer to the touch and are a generous 70 ¾” x 78 ¾ ” full of promising comfort!

Our 100% polyester design is machine washable and easy to care for too. With a variety of colors and styles that everyone can enjoy and share.

How do you use your blankets?

Check out some of our favorite creative ways below!

Blanket Forts for the Kids

Whether for a birthday party, or a rainy day indoors, let your kids' imaginations run wild with DIY blanket forts from the comfort of your own home.

For support, try securing the ends of the blanket(s) to chairs and have the young ones enjoy crawling underneath them. Perfect as a treasured hideaway or a secret tunnel in an indoor obstacle course. Or, set up the blankets as an enclosed fort and hang up another blanket to act as a doorway to the secret fortress. Shhh... Don’t share the secret fort password with just anyone!

Have fun playing with your imagination (and the kids) as you use the fort to reenact a camping trip, a pirate's hideout, or a bear’s cave. The adventures await!

Blankets for Slumber Parties

With friends or for your kids, hosting a slumber party will be extra cozy with our oversized blankets! From sharing spooky stories, indulging in sweet treats or listening to the newest gossip, end the fun night with a rest full of warmth and snuggles thanks to HeatHolders® oversized dimensions. Enough room for the host and friends to fit under too!

Keeping warm underneath a Heat Holders thermal Oversized Blanket

Blankets for Pillow Fights

With the kids at the slumber party, (or perhaps just for fun!), host a pillow fight in your bedroom! Grab some fluffy pillow cases and soft pillows as you and your good pals battle it out over our fleece throws. Bonus points to the champion who can stay on the bed the longest!

Blankets as Home Décor

Looking for that perfect special touch for the living room? Use HeatHolders® collection of colors and designs to best compliment your living room set-up. Whether to hang off the sofa or pile up neatly in the corner, our blankets will add that extra cozy feeling of comfort you’ve been longing for.

Blankets for Grandparents

Make sure the seniors in your life stay cozy no matter the season! Keeping an extra oversized, and thermal insulating, throw close-by is a great idea for them. From short visits, to holiday dinners, ensure the elders you adore are comfortable throughout any event to keep the smiles and laughs shared year round.

Heat Holders thermal Extra Plush Blanket ribbon detail

Blankets for Movie Nights

Have a must-see movie to watch or new series to binge? Call up your loved ones to your stay-in movie theatre night! Grab some popcorn and candies and enjoy the star-filled soiree under the warmth of your throws. Perfect to share comfort, snuggles, and cover your face if something scary pops on-screen!

Blankets for the Pets

Not just for humans! Wrap your favorite pet Moms and pet Dads in the luxurious fleece and extend the warmth to their beloved pets. Or, use it as a quick pet bed around the home, in the car, or on overnight trips away!

Blankets as Gifts

No matter the occasion, blankets are the perfect way to share a gift full of sentimentality. For birthdays, baby showers, or the boss, with our variety of styles and colors, choosing the best blanket for each occasion is a breeze!

How will you use your blankets today?

We hope you have been inspired to be adventurous with your blankets and explore their potential and possibilities!

Stay warm everyone!


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