3 exclusive ways to save big with heat holders

Shop on heatholders.com for three ways to save big on your favorite thermal socks and apparel.

toestee the dragon using free shipping

Save on Shipping

Heat Holders® offers free shipping on all purchases over $25 with no monthly fee! That means only two pairs of thermal socks or one warm apparel item or cuddly blanket will be delivered to your door free-of-charge.


"Absolutely love these socks (which keep my typically cold feet very warm without being sweaty). Excellent customer service and very fast shipping. I will be ordering more today!"

Chris M. - Verified Buyer

toestee taking advantage of bulk discount savings

Buy multiple items and save

Heat Holders® offers bulk discounts for items purchased at one time. Shop once for everyone on your list at save.

Starting at only 5 items, save 15% with the code FIVE15 at checkout. And if you need ten or more items, save 20% with the code TEN20 at checkout.


"These socks provide toasty feet for the whole family! We LOVE them!!"

Deb T. - Verified Buyer

toestee taking advantage of savings with HUGS rewards program

Save with Every Purchase (get those HUGS!)

Heat Holders® HUGS Rewards plan is a cuddly way to save. Collect HUGS at every purchase! Every dollar spent is worth 10 HUGS. At the BEAR HUGS level, save even faster! 

  • 100 HUGS = $1 off
  • 1000 HUGS = $10 off

Earn 5,000 HUGS and then swap them for $55 off your next purchase!


SAVE MORE THAN 35% Exclusively at Heat Holders dot come

Save more than 35%!

Adding it all up means Huge Unbelievable Ginormous Savings especially for you! With free shipping, HUGS, and bulk discounts, save more than 35%! Shop now!


"Once again Heat Holders® delivers the best product and I will come back again and again for many more purchases for sure. I also had to deal with their customer service department and the experience was outstanding. The level of customer care is so impressive as is the quick shipping. Thanks Heat Holders!"

Anthony S. - Verified Buyer 


Warm the human not the home and save big on your heating bill

Warm the Human Not The Home

And while you're saving big, you can also save on your energy bills this winter by keeping the humans warm and keeping the thermostat lower. Learn how here!