How Our Customers Love Heat Holders® for Comfort

Not only are our products loved by winter-enthusiasts and winter-fashionistas worldwide, they're also cherished by our customers who are coping with circulation, nerve issues, and ongoing illnesses that leave them feeling cold most of the time.

Our cusotmers who are managing symptoms of Raynaud’s disease, diabetes, or chemotherapy love their Heat Holders® socks, hats, and gloves. Several customers have even gone out of their way to recommend their Heat Holders® gear to other members of their communities who may be struggling with feeling cold.

What customers are saying...


“I purchased these socks for my mom who has Raynaud's disease and diabetic neuropathy. She said she went to a hockey game. Usually she is cold from the time he walks in until she leaves. She said her feet stayed toasty. She has worn them outside and has not had and Raynaud's attacks from the cold yet since she has been wearing them. It has only been a week but she is very impressed.”

- Kaylene T., Verified Buyer

“The heat holder socks were amazing. Husband loves them. He has diabetes and neuropathy is his feet and legs so they are cold and purple all the time. Glad we made the purchase.”

- Janice W., Verified Buyer 

Heat Holders® socks are so soft and warm and, according to our customers, have offered comfort from feeling cold due to poor circulation, Raynaud's, Diabetes, neuropathy, and more. 

Our socks also come in Sock Drawer bundles that let you choose the level of warmth you need for your condition, your environment, and the time of year.

Sometimes, all you need is a comforting pair of warm, fuzzy socks.

Toestee carrying a gift on the bus


“Bald with scalp sensitivity in harsh cold winters thanks to chemo are this cancer patient's nightmare. THANK YOU, Heat Holders, for giving me the perfect way to heat my head, without irritating seams on the inside - only soft, plush and warm faux-fur and a stylish outside (with match accessories, no less). I bought a pair of slipper socks last year that held up so nicely, I'm glad I gave another look for something for my head (and ended up with two of these hats, a neck warmer and the gloves... come at me cold weather and cold chemo room(s), I'm steps ahead of you and completely ready now!)”

- R.J., Verified Buyer

It’s always a good idea to ensure the top of your head is warm and protected against more heat loss. Our warm, soft and comfortable hats and beanies will do the trick! The Men’s Atlas Flat Knit Hat with Contrast Trim is a great example. Made with advanced thermal yarns and our oh-so-soft Heatweaver® lining, this hat keeps your head extremely warm.


“We started Christmas with our stockings. When I pulled out 2 Heat Holders. 1 was a pair of gloves and another socks! I am so very grateful for them both! Since I am dealing with cancer and the chemotherapy effects blood cells to reduce very low and it is one of the most cold winters we have had here in Northern California. To get warm is hard but I put both new Heat Holders my gloves and socks on they help!!!!!! I wanted to say thank you for making such a great product. I don't know if you ever thought of us going through chemotherapy and losing blood that makes us very cold, so I wanted to tell you THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! They are needed and my next chemo treatment next week I am take the information wrapper from my socks with me to share with the others getting chemo with me.”

- Annette R., Verified Buyer

Heat Holders® socks are made with advanced thermal yarns for warmth and softness but are also intensively brushed inside. The inner sock is super soft and  traps warmth next to the skin to keep your feet warm as they did with Annette. Our gloves are lined with HeatWeaver® lining, a remarkably soft insulation that, again, traps warm air next to the skin. Your hands stay remarkably warm.

If you or a loved one is looking for comfort from feeling cold due to low circulation, neuropathy or other ailments, try Heat Holders® socks, accessories, and apparel.


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