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Giving thanks to those you love (and yourself) should not be limited to a season or holiday. That is our top belief at Heat Holders® as we warmly live through the season of giving!

If the global pandemic has been having you feeling a little less than your optimal self, then these tips to gratitude will keep your spirits lifted throughout the season! Whether you have been fortunate to have your daily activities stay relatively the same, or if you have experienced unforeseen circumstances due to the pandemic, it is important to check-in not only on those we love, but ourselves as well.

Daily Gratitude Journal

If you already are a seasoned note-taker or writer, who has not jumped onto the journal-writing wagon just yet, this practice is just for you! By keeping a pocket-sized journal close-by, this creative activity can be completed three times a day, daily or weekly. Whenever you have the time or a spark of clarity, grab your journal and write down the things you are most grateful for!

You can always start small. To begin, jot down ten things you cherish. This can range from your spouse, or grandmother, to your favorite candy cane cappuccino from the café down the street. Once you have identified these ten things, try creating a brand new list the next day. With daily practice, by the end of the week, you will have compiled a list of 70 things you are grateful for, to remind yourself how abundant life truly is!

With continuous entries, you may try elaborating on a few of those single ideas. For example, if you jotted down your grandmother, try dedicating a whole page to her and all her wonderful qualities. Deliver a little extra warmth, and mail her the meaningful journal entry to keep.  

Although the action may seem small, writing about loved ones and the things you cherish will add up! Your brain is a powerful tool, and as the daily practice turns into a ritual, the ability to be thankful for the smaller things in life will become simpler. Remind yourself that the little things are the most important, and that the small strokes paint the whole picture! 

As the snow falls down, set the mood by slipping on a pair of toasty Heat Holders® socks, enjoy a mug of tasty hot chocolate, and start writing about all the things you find great. 

Art of Meditation

Alongside a growing gratitude practice, meditation is a wonderful tool to connect with yourself. Modern day meditation can be easily found in many forms. With online tutorials and zoom meditation classes, keeping yourself engaged with this practice has become more accessible than ever. Enjoy a variety of class lengths online to keep your mind calm and thoughtful throughout the bustle of the holidays. Start with a 15-minute meditation class while you build up to hour-long sessions to help you focus on the present, breathing, and stress-management.

Meditation has been documented to increase activity in regions of the brain associated with attention, imagination, creativity, patience, tolerance and self-awareness. During the season of giving, there is no better time to start exploring your practice and begin harvesting the benefits.

Luckily, meditation can be done wherever you are! Grab your favorite meditation video and cozy Heat Holders® blanket to keep your body snuggled as your mind transcends into bliss.

Spreading Positivity

Another great way to feel fulfilled all year-round is by spreading positivity. This can be done cleverly in a variety of ways. Spreading positivity will not only have a noticeable effect on your external world, but will benefit you internally as well.

The action can be as simple as complimenting your neighbors’ new sweater or volunteering at a local charity. No positive action is too small to be considered worthy! By volunteering, you will gain new perspectives on caring for others and the importance of giving back to the community. The feeling of fulfilment will last long after your charity work is done, as you reflect on your accomplishments and know that you made a difference to the lives of those in need.

If you do not have the means or time to dedicate to volunteering, simple everyday positivity habits can be equally as beneficial. Try experimenting by baking your Mom some gingerbread treats, giving some money to the homeless, or helping your sister with the holiday shopping.

As the holiday season arrives, make sure your spirits are high by taking care of yourself and those around you. Gratitude and positivity can be expressed and felt in countless ways, and do not forget that at the end of the day, it is the little things in life that matter the most. 

Continue to shine your light by writing short thank you notes to those you love, and slip them into their favorite Heat Holders® socks. Or keep your family festive by using Heat Holders® socks as stockings to hold special little gifts. The positive possibilities are endless.

Take care this season and enjoy Heat Holders® products that provide comfort and joy to last well into the New Year. The feeling of warmth is the gift that keeps on giving. Happy Holidays!


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