Toastee Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again, a time to reflect and appreciate all the year has brought. This year, it is more important than ever to show gratitude to our loved ones that we have been fortunate to keep in touch with despite the pandemic. 

Whether you are planning a version of a Thanksgiving celebration with parents, children or hosting a socially distanced ‘friendsgiving’, be sure you and your guests will still get to express your love with the help of these socially distanced ideas.

Pumpkin Carving Competition

This fun activity can be done with the kids, parents or friends! Find a local grocery store that carries pumpkins and get started on choosing a theme for your carvings amongst your competitors. The themes can range from silly faces, unique letter carvings or seeing who can deseed the pumpkin the fastest. If your competitors are not living within your bubble, try creating a group chat online to share your zany ideas. Once the theme is chosen, let the games begin!

After a pre-determined amount of time, enjoy sharing your masterpieces amongst the others. This can be done by posting a creative photoshoot with your individual pumpkin creations, via facetime, or by meeting up safely in a yard and placing the pumpkins on display to judge. 

For some extra Thanksgiving excitement, try ramping up a sweet prize for the triumphant winner. Perhaps a pair of Heat Holders® gloves to honor those hardworking hands?

Mail Homemade Letters

Nothing smells better than Grandma’s homemade traditional recipes, but if that sensation is out of the question this season, why not try sending Grandma a homemade letter instead?

Before blogs and social media, sending a hand-written letter was how we not only communicated with each other, but shared our personal lives and emotions with loved ones. This season, try creating a sentimental card for those you love from a variety of materials you can buy or find around the house. 

Using cheery marker colors, glittery ribbon, or an assortment of paper, create personalized and unique cards for those special people in your life. Once complete, try mailing a card out to someone who would least expect it to show your thinking of them a little extra this Thanksgiving season. The small gesture will sure go a long way.

Send the love, slip on a cozy pair of Heat Holders® socks and let the writing begin! 

Drive-by Thanksgivings

If your creative spark is still shining from the card making, try upping your game with larger signs and display creations. If you will be spending time a part from family and friends this Thanksgiving, consider a drive-by Thanksgiving celebration instead. Although this event may be much shorter than a typical Thanksgiving feast, it is definitely something both kids and friends can look forward to.

With art materials from around the house or from a local art supply store, have fun designing some larger signs to hold up outside the car when driving-by the homes of loved ones. The creative potential is endless! Make sure that your signs are reader friendly, even for guests that might attend your ‘friendsgiving’ from the safety of their fourth-floor balcony. You can even get the kids to draw a large-scale portrait of Grandma and Grandpa before driving-by them too. If possible, spend as much time as you can close to those you love this Thanksgiving and show them you care. Have fun creating!

Stay sentimental this Thanksgiving with Heat Holders® products that will give you warm and fuzzy feelings to last throughout the season. By providing endless comfort, Heat Holders® is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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