How Moms and Dads Survive the Hockey Season

Tips for Hockey Moms and Dads this Winter

If you’re a Hockey Mom or Hockey Dad, you’re probably looking for ways to stay warm out while you wait for your kids at hockey practice or during hockey games and tournaments! So, here are some great tips for staying warm during hockey season this year!

Sit in a Warm(er) Spot

If you’re outside, look for a seat that is protected from the wind or an area that gets more sunlight. Stands often have little protected areas (sometimes around stairwells). If you’re inside a hockey rink, sit closer to any warm air, like exits to dressing rooms or out to the lobby.

Move Around

We hope you’re jumping up to cheer a lot! A little activity or walk will help get your circulation and your body temperature going and keep you warm. If you're able to stand up and move around during the game, it will help.

Dress in Layers

Wearing several layers of clothing, starting with Heat Holders® base layers will help keep you dry and warm. You can then add a middle layer for insulation and an outer layer to protect against the elements.

Make a Hockey Parent’s Survival Kit

A great way to handle the extra warmth requirements of the season is to create a Hockey Parent’s Survival Kit. Devote one carry bag to hold all the gear you'll need. Here’s a great list of items to include:

Bring a Seat Cushion

A seat cushion will provide a barrier between you and the stands – that  are often metal! The seat cushion will provide extra insulation where it matters most!

Pack a Blanket

Through the long hours of practice, it’s great to have a cover to keep you snuggly. An extra-warm insulating blanket will keep the cold away from your legs and body. And if you get an oversized throw, you can snuggle together for extra warmth!

Hats and Neckwarmers

Remember that you’ll be sitting for hours and, even if you’re the type who doesn’t much wear a hat, you may need one during a tournament. So, pack an insulating hat or two. A hat can help keep your head warm and prevent heat loss from your head and face, which represents about 10% of the total heat loss from your body. Consider a hat with ear protection as well.

Neck Warmers are another great way to stay warm while sitting in a cold arena. Choose an extra-warm and oh-so-soft insulated neck warmer for your Survival Kit!

Super-Warm Gloves

Especially if you’re not the outdoor type, pack some extra-warm insulating gloves in your survival kit. Keeping your hands warm can be a challenge, so pack gloves help keep your fingers and hands warm and toasty! 

Warm Drinks and Food

Drinking water can help keep you warm by increasing your body's metabolism, so make sure to pack a water bottle for the game, and bring warm drinks like coffee or tea in a thermos. Caffeine will stimulate your body and warm you up! Spicy foods also make your body react and make you feel warmer, so, how about some spicy pickles!

A Little Distraction

Remember to pack a book or download a movie or show to your smartphone to keep you distracted during downtimes on the ice. You will feel the cold less if you're enjoying yourself. And remember to pack touch screen gloves so you can enjoy and keep your hands warm at the same time!

We hope that this hockey season is fun for both you and your child(ren). Happy hat-tricking!




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