Raynaud's is a disease suffered by many. It causes some areas of the body, most commonly the fingers and toes, to feel numb and cold in response to cold temperatures and/or stress. 

We receive many reviews from customers who suffer from raynaud's and have discovered Heat Holders®! Read the reviews from real customers below and try Heat Holders® today

"As a Raynaud's sufferer, I struggle to keep my hands and feet warm enough in the cold Minnesota winters. These socks were amazing! They are big and thick, so not really anything you'd wear around the house, but super warm in my boots! Thanks so much for being Raynaud's-friendly!!" - Amanda A.

"My Dermatologist recommended that I wear very warm socks because I have Raynaud's disease and the circulation to my feet is not too good. I heard your ad on XM radio and decided to try your socks. They are both warm and comfortable. Instead of having to wear 2 pairs of socks I now can wear 1 pair of Heat Holders. You should also know that I brought in the tags to my doctor so that she could recommend them to other patients with the same issue. I have now ordered 3 pair." - Sandra G.

"Love Heat Holders socks. Have Raynaud's syndrome. Really helps." - Debra G.

"If you always have cold hands, these are the gloves for you! Cozy and practical with the convertible open tipped gloves. Best gloves I've ever had for Raynaud's!!!" - Ann H.

"I have Raynaud's and my hands and feet are ALWAYS cold. These products are the BEST! My hands are very small, these convertible gloves fit perfect. Keep me toasty even in -21 and look great! I love the quality as well. I plan on getting them in black so I'll have them for next year." - Jacqueline S.

"Excellent product. My daughter has Raynaud's and her fingers and toes can't handle the cold Boston weather. These products are the only ones I've found that work." - Dorothy P.

"For someone who has Raynaud's the gloves were surprisingly warm. I do wear compression gloves and then those gloves on top. The leggings are nice and warm too." - Teri G.

"Raynaud's syndrome especially at night made my feet so cold. Thanks to Heat Holders I don't need anything else to keep them comfortable. That is really good since I live in high desert and nights have been getting warmer. I don't have to fight with the blanket to stay on the feet and not the floor!" - Bonny C.

"It's true, they're too thick to wear with shoes or boots, unless your shoes or boots are at least two sizes larger than usual. That's the only reason, I didn't merit five stars. However, if you suffer from severe Raynaud's Disease, as I do, or just freezing toes while indoors, then you will love these socks! Much better than the two and three pairs of regular socks I've had to wear this past miserably cold winter. The gloves are great too. Have bought extra for my daughters as they also suffer from "white, tingling" extremities due to the cold." - Catherine B.

"I have Raynaud's and the socks keep my feet warm. I haven't tried my gloves out yet, but I'm sure I will love them as well." - Rebecca M.

"Bought for my Grandson with Raynaud's disorder. He wears them at night to keep his feet warm. He loves them." - Alice S.

"The socks were warmer and more comfortable than any other sock I've bought to address my Raynaud's issues.Thank you!!!" - Michelle S.

"I love the soft texture of the neck warmer, and it keeps me warm. I've worn it indoors and outdoors! Combined with my matching hat, I'm as comfortable as if I didn't have Raynaud's." - Suzy F.

"Having Raynaud's is so uncomfortable but a friend suggested I try Heat Holders. I am so glad I did! I purchased two pairs of the socks and fingerless gloves. Wow, such an improvement! I'll be buying more of these wonderful products." - Arlene R.

"I have a very hard time keeping my feet warm when it is cold out due to Raynaud's. These were recommended by the Raynaud's Foundation and work great. They do run slightly big by the size chart, next time I will get a smaller size." - Lisa L.

"I have Raynaud's Syndrome and live in Buffalo, NY. I am constantly battling to keep my fingers warm during the winter months. These gloves are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone! They are very cozy and definitely keep my fingers and hands from becoming icicles!!" - Arlene H.

"My husband bought me a pair of these gloves for my birthday and they are the best gloves I've ever owned. I have Raynaud's and these gloves keep my fingers from going numb. I've worn them in 28 degree weather and have been amazed at how warm and cozy they are. I also have the Heat Holder socks and they are just as nice." - Nancy B.

"I love them. I have Raynaud's syndrome and toes get very cold. These really help." - Karen S.

"The socks are warm and comfortable for my 9 year old daughter with Raynaud's syndrome. This condition causes her feet to be painful when cold and, as a result, she hates socks that are itchy or have seams. These were a hit for a very fussy-about-her- socks 9 year old!" - Amy C.

"My wife has Raynaud's syndrome (poor circulation to hands & feet) and we live in a cold environment. I purchased gloves and socks for her and finally her feet and hands are warm :-) We have tried many different socks & gloves including smart wools and Heat Holders far surpass the others in maintaining heat." - John T.

"These socks really do work. I have Raynaud's disease and these have helped me so much. I loved them so much I bought a pair for my Mom and boyfriend. They are a bit bulky, so might be hard to wear with everyday shoes, but I use these at night for slippers, and they are perfect. Worth the money!" - Lauren R.

"Both daughters love these socks! Raynaud's has impacted several members of our family and these socks offer much needed - and appreciated - relief!" - Althea D.

"I have mild Raynaud's and these socks keep your feet very warm through the night. I use them to sleep in and they are great." - Kathy L.

"My husband bought me these as a surprise and I love them! I've had Raynaud's for over ten years and I never found anything great for my feet. Can't wait to try more products and order more socks! Thanks :)" - Danielle L.

"I suffer from very severe Raynaud's disease that affects my feet, hands, lips, nose, and ears. After a nasty bout of frostbite during some particularly bad weather this winter, I figured it was about time I shell out the money and invest in some of these socks. I'm so glad I did! Even when I wear these in thin leather boots, my feet stay quite warm. In 37 degree F weather, my feet were a little too warm (which never happens!!), but when the temperature dropped back down to the 20's and below, the socks were comfortable, toasty, and kept the feeling in my feet. They are a little thick and fit best in larger boots. I have exceptionally narrow feet and the socks were a little wide on me, but not unmanageably so. I would recommend these a hundred times over to anyone who has trouble with their circulation!" - Karina F.

"Love the way these socks look and feel. I have Raynaud's so I have issues keeping my feet warm. They still get cold but these socks definitely help delay the process." - Catherine J.

"I bought these socks - blue - for a friend so she could see how wonderful they are. I already know because I own several pairs. She has larger feet so I went to men's size. She was thrilled. I plan to buy them for everyone on my Christmas list this year! I have Raynaud's, so suffer with cold feet (I live in the northeast) but EVERYONE likes warm socks in the winter :-)" - Mary S. 

"I ordered socks for my daughter who suffers from Raynaud's syndrome and lives in a cold climate. She is delighted with the warm socks, and shipment was extremely fast. Thanks!" - Rebekah S. 

"I have Raynaud's in hands and feet and Heat Holders are keeping me functioning. I am even sending them to friends because they are great at keeping me warm. I also love how they are soft, for kinestheric me they feel soooooooo good to the touch." - Judy P. 

"My 16 y.o. daughter has Raynaud's and we've tried A LOT of different socks. Recommended through the Raynaud's Association website, we decided to purchase 2 pairs with hopeful expectations. The Heat Holders socks have been the one sock that has worked for her!! It has kept her feet warm and dry. Not cold and clammy which happens with every other sock she has tried. She also is in marching band and one of the socks we purchased was the lightest weight sock (Ladies long Lite sock) which has worked beautifully keeping her feet warm when a Raynaud's attack comes on. The ladies slipper sock is great for lounging around the house, especially with the gripper bottoms.
THANKS Heat Holders!! Your product is the best!" - Lynn M.

"I have Raynaud's and really am happy to have this for the upcoming winter. Very warm- I ordered a large and am a 10-12; it fit well with a little room to move." - Cindy S.

"We love our Heat Holder socks! I run in the cold winter months and my feet stay nice and warm! I have Raynaud's and these products help my hands and feet stay toasty warm! My husband and son in law work outside in the cold too and they like their Heat Holders socks and gloves!" - Maura H.

"Bought the socks for my son who suffers with Raynaud's syndrome. These warm his feet right up!" - Bonnie W.

"He has Raynaud's and his feet and hands can turn white and feel numb in the cold it's terrible. He said these socks really kept his feet warm and comfortable!" - Jacqueline K.

"My wife has Raynaud's Syndrome, which causes her fingers and toes to feel numb in cold weather. These socks have been a god sent for her. Planning on getting more, great product." - Robert C.

"I suffer from Raynaud's Disease. These socks are wonderful and allow me to be outside longer in cold temperatures. They feel so soft and comfy, glad I bought 3 pairs. I highly recommend them for anyone that has trouble with cold toes." - Debra S.

"I have Raynaud's disease, and these are the first socks I have tried that have kept my feet warm, and I have tried many! - Jessica A.

"I wear a 9 sandal/10 athletic shoe, and I can wear the ladies' size 5-9 sock just fine. I originally ordered the Men's 7-12 and found them to be a bit too big. I got the stripe version because I wanted the socks to come all the way up to my knee, and they do. I have a mild case of Raynaud's and find these socks to be the best for keeping my feet and legs warm in the winter. I don't have any problem with sweating in them, either. Bravo!" - Angie F.

"I've been suffering with Raynaud's and heard about these socks. I bought one pair to try them. Immediate improvement. I ordered some more and wear them day and night and have not had a flare up since. They are very thick shoe size might need to be increased by 1/2 size, but worth it." - Anthony G.

"My husband suffers from Raynaud's and these socks have allowed him to quit layering toe pads, plus 2 other pairs of socks. Ordering more right now!" - Betsy B.

"I love these socks! I have three pairs and am definitely getting more. I have Raynaud's so my feet are always cold. I wear these socks in and out of the house." - Danielle M.

"I've searched a long time for gloves to keep my fingers warm. I live in Michigan and have Raynaud's. These gloves keep my fingers warm and toasty." - Glenn S. 

"I have Raynaud's and didn't know what warm hands were until I found these. Not only did they keep my hands from being cold, my hands were warm to the touch. This has never happened on a cold day after being outside!" - Holly D.

"My son has Raynaud's syndrome & his hands become so cold that certain fingers turn white. He has reported to me that the Heat Holders gloves he received for Christmas have really helped to alleviate this problem. So pleased with this product that has allowed him to spend time outdoors on chilly days." - Nancy K.

"I bought socks, hat, and scarf for my daughter who is a teacher. She is sensitive to cold and has had Raynaud's Syndrome. She is wearing these items on playground duty and for all outdoor activities and reports that they really do keep her warm. I recommend these products." - Claire D.

"I love my Heat Holder socks because I have Raynaud's Disease and struggle to keep my toes warm. These socks have ended my struggle. Thank you." - Cheryl K.

 "Suffer from Raynaud's and very impressed with these socks! The lite you can wear in boots and around the house on tile and hardwood without needing slippers. They really do keep your feet warm!" - Amanda G.

For more information on Raynaud's please see the Mayo Clinic.

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