Heat Holders dragon with his avian friends

Our Fave Wacky Wildlife Facts

Animals are amazing. From the sahara desert, to the bottom of the Pacific ocean, read on for some wild wildlife facts, and how we can protect some of our endangered friends, both big and small around the globe.
Father's Day Barbeque with Heat Holders

Make Dad The Star Of The Show This Father’s Day.

We love you Dad! Giving thanks to the father figures in your life is fun and simple. Spend this Father’s Day doing all the things he loves.
Sleep well with Heat Holders

Summer Sleep Advice For All

Everyone needs to rest! No matter your age, occupation, or lifestyle, ensuring you have a good night's sleep is optimal to enhance your daily life. Read on for our favorite sleep tips and tricks.
Heat Holders sympathize with those suffering from colds flu or allergies

Relieve Spring Season Symptoms Fast

Make cold, flu, and allergy symptoms a thing of the past! What’s your favorite tip or trick for fending off feeling under the weather? As the seaso...
Heat Holders staying active through the winter

Top Winter Workout Ideas

Staying physically active does not need to be limited by the season! Enjoy various workout styles, and routines, both at home and outdoors with our top fitness picks for all levels.
Stay Stylish This Winter Season with Heat Holders

Stay Stylish This Winter Season

Don’t choose warmth over style this winter season! With a little thought and great protective gear, adding warmth to your signature style is easy a...