Toestee the Heat Holders dragon thawing out with a cup of hot coffee

Ways to Keep Warm When Your Office is Freezing in the Summer!

Base Layers
Is the temperature at your office out of control? Are you chilled sitting at your desk? Keep a base layer, warm socks, and other tips for staying warm!
Stay Stylish This Winter Season with Heat Holders

Stay Stylish This Winter Season

Don’t choose warmth over style this winter season! With a little thought and great protective gear, adding warmth to your signature style is easy a...
Walk your way to better health with Heat Holders

Walk your way to better health!

3 levels of warmth
We love to walk! Learn about the many benefits walking has on your physical and mental health at all times of the year.
Heat Holders welcoming Fall

Transition to Fall with ease, with these exciting autumn activities.

Base Layers
Welcome to Fall! The next season is only days away and we have curated some great Fall ideas to get you prepared, inspired and active as the weathe...