Best Tips for Switching to Your Winter Wardrobe

Best Tips for Switching to Your Winter Wardrobe

By planning ahead (and using organization tips and storage basics), you can ensure your winter gear is as prepared for the season as you are, and y...
Heat Holders dragon showing ways to reduce our environmental impact

Easy Ways To Make Summer Living Sustainable

Enjoy sunshine-filled summer days ahead while caring for our environment using these super simple and effective energy and environment tips that all can live by easily!
Heat Holders dragon leaping over increasing temperature indicators

Let your skin shine this summer!

Have a healthy summer! Let your skin glow while the weather heats up with dermatologist recommendations and tricks to keep you looking and feeling your best.
Sleep well with Heat Holders

Summer Sleep Advice For All

Everyone needs to rest! No matter your age, occupation, or lifestyle, ensuring you have a good night's sleep is optimal to enhance your daily life. Read on for our favorite sleep tips and tricks.
Heat Holders watching the Perseid Meteor Shower 2021

How To Watch The Best Meteor Shower of the Summer

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the year’s best showers and occurs around mid-August each year, varying by only a day or two. This year, starting on the night of August 11th, we can expect the best views of these soaring space rocks from our Northern Hemisphere!
Heat Holders Summer Fun Activities

Beat the heat! Enjoy summer activities the whole family will love.

Enjoy time in the sun this summer with friends and family as you venture on beloved activities both new and old. From hiking, beach days, road trips to creamsicles, living your best life this summer will be a breeze.