Layer Up for All Day Comfort

Layer Up for All Day Comfort

Do you know how to layer for your day ahead? If you have a busy winter season coming up, check out these quick tips to ensure you’re utilizing your...
First Responders First Choice for Warm Socks

First Responders First Choice for Warm Socks

first responder
Best Thermal Socks for First Responders When winter comes, First Responders are looking for warm socks to help them focus on the important tasks at...
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How a Humble Pair of Warm Socks Helps Save Big on Heating Bills

Heat Holders® & You
Tips on saving on our energy bill this year including the Warm the Human Not the Home philosophy which will save money on our heating bill!
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Ways to Keep Warm When Your Office is Freezing in the Summer!

Base Layers
Is the temperature at your office out of control? Are you chilled sitting at your desk? Keep a base layer, warm socks, and other tips for staying warm!
Heat Holders thermal accessories help keep your extremities warm

Keep Feet Warm This Winter

slipper socks
Learn why our feet get cold first and how to avoid symptoms to have the best winter season yet.
Staying warm with Heat Holders thermal socks, accessories, and apparel

By understanding human physiology, we can plan ahead to keep ourselves warm!

Heat Holders® Labs
Science loves heat! And so do we. With scientific facts on our body’s temperature range and tips on keeping warm naturally, we have allied with science to design the most comfortable and warm products to protect you all year long.