Cold Weather Clothing for the Winter Photographer

Cold Weather Clothing for the Winter Photographer

Base Layers
Winter photography can be a beautiful experience but you want to freeze the memory, not yourself. Since the cold weather can be hard on both the ph...
Heat Holders staying active through the winter

Top Winter Workout Ideas

Tips & Tricks
Staying physically active does not need to be limited by the season! Enjoy various workout styles, and routines, both at home and outdoors with our top fitness picks for all levels.
Heat Holders thermal accessories help keep your extremities warm

Keep Feet Warm This Winter

slipper socks
Learn why our feet get cold first and how to avoid symptoms to have the best winter season yet.
Heat Holders winter skin care tips

Top Skin Tips To Try This Winter

skin condition
This winter, plan ahead for healthy skin using simple and effective methods provided by dermatologists. From natural at-home remedies, to helpful product suggestions, enjoy optimal skin this season and all-year long.
Top Ways To Use Our Best Blankets

Top Ways To Use Our Best Blankets

Keep the snuggles going with HeatHolders® Oversized Blankets! With our HeatWeaver® insulating technology, a TOG rating of 1.7 and generous dimensions, there are so many ways to creatively use our best-selling blankets.
Toestee's Closet - get yourself organized with Heat Holders

Be fashionably practical for the season with our trusted DIY wardrobe hacks and tips.

Tips & Tricks
Keeping stylish has never been this simple! At Heat Holders® we have taken the season to shake up our wardrobe and our idea of comfort. If the pand...